Monster Lake Trout – Flathead Lake Montana Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: June 30, 2012



During the past week we’ve had some great days fishing and have some glowing reports from others.  The key seems to find clear water and to not try to fish in the murky water caused by this year’s runoff.

Big Lake Trout have moved into the area between the West horn of Finley Point and the Narrows.  A simple whole fish set up with an 8 to 11 inch bait fish has proved most effective.  Pictures of a couple taken by this method are included.  Depths all the way from 60 feet near the islands to 190 feet west of Finley Point have produced fish. 

Paul Soukup, Roger Smart, and Steve Speckert on at least three different occasions have reported catching good numbers of the smaller shrimp fed lakers west and north of Yellow Bay in a 240 to 250 Foot depth.

Glo Grubs with a fly above them baited with scented cutbait continues to be the setup of choice

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