Montana Walleye Circuit E-Blast Circuit Standings: Tourney Tracker
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 25, 2012

After 3 events, the husband and wife team of Gordy and Tanya Matson are leading with 3 great tournaments. It’s a very close race and the Fall Classic will determine who takes home the honors. Gordy and Tanya have a total of 287.6090 points after the first 3 circuit events. Followed by a close 2nd, only 11 points, by the team of Ray Cole and Steve Thomas, of Great Falls. There are still a few teams in it, if they do well at the Fall Classic, they can take over the lead and the honors.

Total points are awarded for Angler/Team of the Year based on their best 3 finishes, so we will drop their lowest score and add their Fall Classic score if it is better.  It will be very interesting to see what happens at the Fall Classic this year.

Also at stake at the Fall Classic is the Largest Walleye Award for the Circuit. Currently, Dan Spence and Tianna Workman are leading with a 15.08 pound walleye.  They caught it on day one at the Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival. The winner of the Largest Walleye for the year will receive a free replica mount from Dan Gill, at Lewistown Taxidermy. Dan did this last year as a sponsor for the circuit and did the replica mount for Jason Mondel and Bob Hickey — who got their big fish at the Fall Classic in 2011. On top of the free replica mount (which was the nicest mount I have ever seen last year from Dan) the winners will also receive a check from Region Chapters of Walleyes Unlimited of Montana — Billings, Glendive, and Sheridan,WY for, I believe will be, about $1100.

On top of all this, there is a Ranger Certificate worth $1500 that will be given away to one of the top 15 teams based on a random drawing of those top 15 Circuit anglers at the banquet next spring.

Lots of other circuit awards will be given out at the Fall Classic.  On top of what the tournament pays out, an additional $4500 or so will be given away.  It will be a great event to participate in and it generally is some very good fishing.

The Crooked Creek Marina is open and ready for your business. Get in touch with Travis Scott or get the entry form off the Walleyes Unlmited website and get signed up. Lots of incentive awards for Ranger, GMC, and Lund — it may prove to be well worth the trip for you.

Click Here for the complete 2012 Montana Walleye Circuit Point Standings Top 100

This poost was provided by Dale Gilbert.

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