Registration for Game Damage Hunts now Open
By Kjel

Posted: June 19, 2012

Registrations for Game Damage rosters for the 2012/2013 season opened July 15th and will remain open until the 15th of July. Game damage hunts can be a great way to help out Montana ranchers as well as fill an empty freezer. Some additional information on the purpose game damage hunts is listed below provided by Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks.

To register for a game damage hunt or for more information CLICK HERE

Game Damage Hunt—A game damage hunt is only one response to evident game damage. Typically these hunts are small in geographic scale on only one landownership with a relatively small number of hunters pulled from the game damage hunt roster. The primary intent is to curtail damage by redistributing game animals with only minimal harvest. Game damage hunts may take place between August 15 and February 15.
Management Season—A management season is a proactive measure to prevent or reduce potential damage caused by large concentrations of game animals resulting from seasonal migrations, extreme weather conditions, restrictive public hunting access on adjacent or nearby properties, or other factors. Management seasons typically occur on a larger scale than game damage hunts and may take place across multiple ownerships. There may be relatively large numbers of hunters pulled from the game damage hunt roster with potential for significant harvest. Management seasons may take place between August 15 and February 15.
Goal: Assist landowners experiencing game damage.
Benefit: FWP assists landowners in preventing or reducing damage caused to crops or property by game animals.
Details: Landowners may be eligible for game damage assistance if they allow public hunting during established hunting season. Assistance may include hazing, repellents, temporary or permanent stackyard fencing, damage hunts, kill permits or supplemental game damage licenses.

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