Some Nice Walleye in the Canyon Ferry Fishing Report: Provided By Kit’s Tackle
By Kjel

Posted: June 18, 2012

Well we put together a couple of fantastic days jigging Canyon Ferry over the weekend pre-fishing for the upcoming Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival.  We had five fish over 25” including a 29 and 30 incher!!! Despite the fact we caught some very nice fish, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to finding the fish on Canyon Ferry.  We covered every inch of shoreline between the dam and the river mouth on the south end catching a fish every millionth cast. If musky fishermen in the Midwest think they have it tough, they should come to Canyon Ferry and pitch for walleye for a few days!!!  This is why it so easy to pull double zero’s during the tournament when chasing big fish on Canyon Ferry. Oh well, the pre-fishing sure has been fun!

The “Glass Minnows” have been on fire for us to target the larger fish!!! We are tipping them with a Berkly Gulp Minnow and jigging them pretty slow. Every fish we have caught has been hooked inside the mouth which shows they are devouring the “Glass Minnows.” I know what I will be using during the tournament!

Here are a couple pics of the Elusive Canyon Ferry Yellow Mountain Trout from over the weekend…

Trevor Johnson
Kit’s Tackle

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