Waiting For The Hatch in the Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 16, 2012

Hi, it’s ANGIE from Bob Ward & Sons…Father’s Day will offer up some darn DECENT fishing in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN areas…but just you WAIT a week, the best is yet to come!

We’re just a HAIR away from the Salmonfly Hatch on the BIG HOLE…the first swarm should show up near Melrose, maybe even this weekend if the weather holds! The Canyon area near Divide is hoppin, in the meantime, with Caddis fished WET or stripping sizeable streamers in dark colors (we like an Olive Space Invader or a Brown Flash Fry in a 4-6)! Fish a dry BWO or Sparkle Dun on the BEAVERHEAD, or try a small Midge Emerger at the BEAVERHEAD/Spring Creek Tributary. We’re VERY close to Goldenstone hatches here, too, so a Stone Emerger may be a solid bet! If you prefer the JEFFERSON, we hear the best success is for the spin anglers…Panther Martins, Mepps or Rapallas are all working just fine! You may want to try a Mayfly Emerger or a dark Caddis for some variety. GEORGETOWN LAKE likes the Leech Patterns or Wooly Buggers, with Scuds & Shrimp running right behind as top choices. Try the Warm Springs area for a HOT time! CLARK CANYON is offering some great fishing, get your favorite Rapalla out there, or troll a leaded line rig & show the other guys how it’s done!

We’ve got some Chubby & Caddis activity on the surface of the LOWER MADISON, but Nymphing’s been the best..Crayfish, Worms, Stones, all are doing the trick! reds Browns, blacks & reds are your go-to colors. Want to take Dad somewhere with little traffic, for a quality day on the water? Head for the UPPER MADISON…it’s been quiet, but fishing like gangbusters for all that! Caddis & BWOs on top, plenty of lightning bug or worm Nymph activity, or try Olive Sculpins or a Sex Dungeon in Rust for workable Streamers! The GALLATIN & EAST GALLATIN are too muddy right now for really good fishing, & the YELLOWSTONE is just plain too high, but ON THE DROP, so give that a few days here. HYALITE is a troller’s dream, whip up a worm harness & take Dad out on the lake! Don’t forget to get on down to the FIREHOLE in YELLOWSTONE PARK to partake of the best fishing that river has to offer before the water warms up…Sallies & PMDs here, the Salmonflies are about done in…we’ll be able to move on to the LAMAR soon, but it’s too muddy now to be very good.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there, & again this week, Bob Wards wants to thank you for making US YOUR place to get the latest and greatest outdoor gear for the last 95 years! This weekend is the tail end of our 95th Anniversary Sale, so come in and get Dad what he REALLY wants at an outstanding price! He’ll thank you for it! We’ll have more fishing fun for YOU, next week, & to my own sporting Dad: I love you, man!


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