Walleye and Carp Hitting on Canyon Ferry in the Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: June 2, 2012

Angie here, from Bob Ward & Sons, & you’ll be happy to know that we expect some more REASONABLE weather in the Helena area, which will bring back all the excellent fishing!

Watch for wind on the Lakes! The South end of CANYON FERRY is still the place for Walleye, get your firetiger crankbaits fired up and it’s time for Bottom Bouncers at this point too. The Carp fishing is hot as ever with those rusty-orange colors…& we’ve got plenty of stocker trout still on the spawn & munching whatever you want to throw their way. Leeches, scuds, worms, marshmallow backers, it’s all good stuff! Still plenty of Walleye at the Mouth on HAUSER, pick your DARK COLORS and go for them! Stay out of the wind at HOLTER & fish with a Wedding Ring for some Kokanee! Head on over to PARK LAKE for Grayling…still plenty of action here, & these guys are nibbling on smaller Beadheads!

Heavy rain is making its exit out of the MISSOURI RIVER area, so we ought to be back to plenty of DRY FLY action soon. Still a bit “between” hatches at this point, but Mayflies, BWOs & Midges will all bloom again. We hear the fish are hitting dries on the swing of the float, so ya gotta have some patience. Try your Griffiths Gnat or Para Adams, or the Purple Para Wulf, szs 14-16. Mix a little Nymphing with some Streamer action to break up your day…maybe a Mighty Mo Soft Hackle or a Grey Scud, then a Pearl Bling Minnow?

Join us at your local Bob Wards store next week as we celebrate 95 YEARS of serving YOU. That’s right, it’s Bob Wards 95th year in business, & expect us to be a bit on the FESTIVE side! Our giant anniversary sale starts June 6, just in time for you to get on in, get your gear on the best sale ever, and head to the water! Ask us to update you on the river & lake conditions & recommend the best flies, lures or bait (whichever floats YOUR particular boat)—we’ll know what to advise to make your expedition productive.

Good luck in the sunshine this week, friends…more next week!

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