Brook Trout Bite is Hot! – Butte & Bozeman Area Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: July 28, 2012


Hi, it’s Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons!  Still got it GOIN ON around BUTTE & BOZEMAN on the water!

BUTTE sez you just gotta head to RUBY CREEK, STILL CREEK or TRAIL CREEK, where the brookies have been chomping like crazy on terrestrials!  Green Hopper Patterns, Ants & Crickets are the ticket here…the BIG HOLE is still thick with clouds of Caddis & Hoppers…try Bucktail Caddis or Stoneflies on the RUBY RIVER, which has been on fire for a couple weeks in a row now!  GEORGETOWN LAKE is producing with Purple Leech Patterns or Elongated Blue-bodied Damselflies, or, you spin guys, get out your hammered Brass  or Copper Spoon (we like Thomas Cyclone or Daredevils)!  Was just up there last weekend, & the place wasn’t ridiculously crowded, either, so as always, it is worth the drive! Below Barrett’s on the BEAVERHEAD is still a choice spot…try a Brown Bear Black, or go with a Green Hopper Pattern to change things up!  We still say the JEFF is too warm for any REAL fishin unless you go very early and catch the cool of the day!  The BEAVERHEAD would be a better choice right now!

BOZEMAN sez Hopper season is upon us on the GALLATIN, & in the chilly am, we’re even seeing some Spruce Moths in the Canyon…of course the Caddis are smokin up here too!  The EAST GALLATIN was the choice of a couple Bob Wards anglers last weekend and they did just FINE with small green Hoppers, in the 14-16 range… the LOWER MADISON is still getting too warm at midday for much good, but if you go EARLY, the terrestrials are producing, Small Hoppers and Fire Ants are enjoying decent success….same story on the UPPER MADDY, afternoon is just too warm for a good time, but if you head out EARLY, you’ll do fine…we hear Streamers are catching them on the LOWER early in the day…strip a WHITE or YELLOW Fatheads in a 0 or 1! The YELLOWSTONE has been sweet, try a Hopper with a Nymph dropped off the back, or go with Chubbies or Parachutes…it IS BUSY on the STONE these days, so just know you’ll be sharing the river with a lotta anglers & floaters! If you HAVE to be on the YELLOWSTONE at midday, try a Brass Panther Martin to trigger a few strikes, before going back to Dries in the cool of the evening!

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