Good Walleye Fishing on Lake Diefenbaker Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: July 5, 2012

Alan Evans, of High Plains Adventure, is and outfitter and guide on Lake Diefenbaker in Canada.  He also owns Stitches in Missoula.  Quite the busy guy.  Below is Alan’s fishing report from Lake Diefenbaker, where the walleye fishing has been good.  Diefenbaker Lake is in Saskatchewan, Canada, 600 miles Northeast of Missoula, Mt.


Hello Captain/Outdoor Radio Listeners,

Last week, I drove up to Lake Diefenbaker for my first week of outfitting. The weather, at Diefenbaker, started out a bit rough.  There were high winds and rain to start, but the week ended with lots of walleye and pleasant conditions.

We traveled 45 minutes up the lake to get into the fish.  But once we located the hot spot, there were plenty of fish and walleye to be caught by all our clients.

Each day, several good sized fish made it into our boat.  To top off the week, we caught a 14 pound, 31 inch walleye.

I am headed back up to Canada this weekend, and I will keep you posted on the fishing conditions.



The pictures are also provided by Alan Evans, of High Plains Adventure on Lake Diefenbaker, Canada.  To contact Alan for outfitting services or more fishing information, call his cell at (406)240-4078 (USA) or cabin at (306) 773-7877 (Canada)

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