Lake Mary Ronan Fishing Well: Northwest Montana Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: July 1, 2012

Chancy at Snappy’s in Kalispell

Chancy at Snappy’s said Lake Mary Ronan has been doing pretty well, a lot of nice perch 9-12 inches.  Guys have been jigging Haileys in about 15 to 20 feet of water. For those trolling and jigging the kokanee have been biting.

On Koocanusa, towards the dam by Peck gulch, guys are trolling with flashlights (from Macks) with wedding ring spinners running behind them.  The rainbow fishing is pretty slow, with a few reports of some nice bulls.

On Loon Lake, by Ferndale, folks have been catching a few bass and rainbows, but be sure to checks the regulations on the rainbows for slot size and compliance issues. In the Thompson Chain of Lakes, both middle and lower, are doing well.  Anglers are catching pike in the  2 to 10 pound range.  The perch fishing is picking up and also kokanee fishing is picking up as well.

On McWenneger Slough, just East of Snappy’s, the croppy fishing is really good in the evenings, with some nice reports of pike and bass. To catch the croppy, use some small croppy jigs, tipped with maggots or worms.

The pike fishing on Smith Lake has started to pick up. Try using spinner bait, but remember to use weedless bait, 4 inch Burkley Gulp Minnows and zoom super flukes have seen success.

On Echo Lake, there are reports that large and small mouth bass have been active for the area.  The water is starting to go over the causeway so there maybe a no wake rule in effect soon.

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