Rock Creek, Georgetown, Blackfoot Fishing Well in the John Perry Fly Fishing Report
By Kjel

Posted: July 28, 2012

The Spruce moth hatch is still very good on Rock Creek and the Blackfoot-best times seem to be about 8 am to around noon-depending on aspect of the sun to the water.  Our best patterns have been the Congo Caddis, elk hair caddis, and the blonde transformer. 

Georgetown Lake is still very fun in the hot sun with damsel dry patterns-the fish are very acrobatic and have lots of strength. 

The Missouri River by Craig slowed down quite a bit after last weeks big CFS drop.  Fish are still eating some dries-but very snooty!  Still the best way to fish the Missouri right now is with tiny nymphs of all colors and styles.  I’m off to the Blackfoot today for an early morning float-we will be using large attractors from about 7am to 9 am or so and then switching to the Congo Caddis-this pattern works great with a little skittering over the spit rising trout!

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