Tourney Tracker – Final Results after Day Two of Hell Creek Walleye Tourney on Fort Peck
By Kelsey

Posted: July 22, 2012

Mary Beth Kibler has just sent us the final results of the Hell Creek Walleye Tourney from the finish of day two. Here is what she had to say:

“Hi Everyone…I thought you might enjoy seeing the results of the last two days and the Hell Creek Tournament.  It was a fantastic tournament…only one team had less than 5 measurable walleye today…everyone else today had a 5 fish limit!  yesterday was the same.  What a great year to be fishing Fort Peck!”

Here are the top 3 teams out of the 37 teams that competed at this years Hell Creek Walleye Tourney:

1. Norm Sillerud and JR Rasmasan  53.34 pounds

2. Levi Sugg and Kris Kellor 37.72 pounds

2. Clyde Phipps and Brim Phipps 34.40 pounds

The Tourney Tracker results were prepared by Karmie Lockie and provided by Mary Beth Kibler.


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