HOT Dry Fly Fishing on the Gallatin River: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: August 17, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons! We’re mighty pleased to tell ya where the BEST fishin is in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN outdoor report, now that we’re due for a bit of moderate weather, like say, mid-80’s–whew!

CLARK CANYON is fishing HOT as ever…our guys say the Red Rock tailwater on the South End of the lake, or below Armstead, has been giving up some large Browns…GEORGETOWN is very active for Kokanee…just jig a Crocodile or Black Kamlooper spoon, rigged up on a sz 10 HeavyGlo hook, with a Maggot tip…remove the treble hook & attach the GloHook as a stringer! Do a little wading on the BIG HOLE around Ferry Creek, Divide diversion dam or anywhere in-between, stick to Tricos early in the day or Drakes, Sallies or even the Spruce Moth Pattern you’ve got in the box! The BEAVERHEAD below the Dam is seeing more Crane Fly activity, otherwise stick to the tried & true Terrestrial like a Glitter Ant, a Yellow or Green Morrish Hopper, or a Tick Pattern, all in about a 14. Beadhead Pheasant Tail Flashbacks have been killer producers on the smaller area streams like the BOULDER or ROCK CREEK!

BOZEMAN area has the GALLATIN on the “hot list” right now…even tho the Spruce Moths have been a little bit on the small size, which is a tad unusual for this time of year, they ARE present & accounted for up in the Canyon! Ants & Hoppers have been reliable, especially on the lower parts of the river…try a Ninja Cicada or a Glitter Ant in a 16! The UPPER MADISON and the LOWER are stull struggling with overly-warm water, something that should be helped a little by cooler nights & mornings this coming week…but the best of the UPPER is right below HEBGEN…try a larger Stonefly with a very small Baetis emerger trailing, or any of your terrestrials…I’d try to AVOID the LOWER for now, unless we get a significant cold snap over the next week…between the warm water and the big burned area, it’s just not a #1 choice this week. The YELLOWSTONE is an excellent choice, especially high up by Gardiner, where Hoppers are making everyone’s day…just get a little twitchy with your line and keep the cutthroats in this area intrigued! C’mon up to HYALITE & get your Leeches down deep in the water on the North End to catch the sizeable ones, say the Bozeman Bob Wards anglers!

In your spare time off the water, stop by the Bob Wards stores and start loading up on the nymphs & flies you’ll want for autumn….pick up new wade shoes or waders, or try on some of the sale outdoors apparel to keep you dry & sun-protected as we head into fall…or gear up for General Archery Season, Deer/Elk/Antelope & Lion, Sept 1! Back atcha next week, you hale & hearty sporting types!

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