Get up early and fish the Lower Madison this weekend – Bozeman Area Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: August 3, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons!  It’s a busy weekend in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN outdoors!


These hot temps tend to stress out the fish populations in the smaller rivers & streams near both BUTTE & BOZEMAN…be a considerate sportsman & pick up some barbless hooks for quicker release of fish you’re not planning to put on the camp table! That said, the BIG HOLE from Divide Bridge to Maiden Rock, or off the Salmonfly Access, are the wicked-good spots for both Spin & Fly anglers…Sallies & Goldenstones are busting out all over here, & Spruce Moths have been sighted as well…Silver, or Red & Silver Panther Martins, Mepps, or Rapallas are excellent choices for our spin fans!  It’s rubber boat time on the BIG HOLE…levels just aren’t gonna support your hard-bottomed craft!  The BEAVERHEAD is seeing Crane Flies, lots of Caddis & evening PMDs…it IS crowded on the Upper parts, so beware!  GEORGETOWN LAKE  has been the place to go for your BEST trolling…try a Kamlooper Spoon in Red or White with Nickel or Brass, or a Shad Rap….nightcrawlers or powerbait in the Marina area, or off Denton, are solid choices, too!  CLARK CANYON has netted some sizeable fish lately, we might be hearing “fish stories” but the word is, 3-5 pounders are possible…leech patterns, Buggers, diving raps from the surfface….they’ll all get you there!


Around BOZEMAN, both the UPPER & LOWER MADISON are warming up ridiculously during the day, but the evening fishing on the UPPER, anyway, is plenty profitable! On the UPPER, stick to small (& we mean, 18-20 sz) Chubbies & Goldenstones, like the Chubby Chernobyl or a Barretts GoldenstoneCaddis are still in play on both rivers, but on the LOWER, you’d best plan your trip for the WEE hours (4 am ain’t too early, even!)…just plain cruel to be on the LOWER past 10 am these days! Stay in the upper reaches of the GALLATIN, get out your Spruce Moths or Sallies in the AM & your Caddis patterns in the evenings…Goldenstones are still present & a bit of PMD activity left, too!  The YELLOWSTONE has cleared up after a wad of mud from the LAMAR finally pushed on thru, & this is probably the best fishing in the area this weekend…Chubbies, Sallies, Hoppers & Caddis are all top choices (we like the Chartreuse Baby Boy Hopper in a 14 on the STONE), or Nymph the day away with Lightning Bugs, Crayfish or a Rusty Orange RubberlegsHYALITE is active by the mouth of the creek, or in the evening at the Dam…Flying Ants, Rust Ants, Leech patterns, or go with a Red or Brass spinner of choice (we’re all about flashy Panther Martins up here!)


Join us in Butte on Sunday for the Bob Wards-sponsored Shooters Sunday at the Rocker Shooting Range—runs from 10 to 4, & you can call either Butte or Bozeman Bob Wards for further details–it’s a good time for everyone (if you’re under age 18, bring along your parents, tho!) Escape the heat in our Stores, where Hodgman fishing waders & wading accessories are on SALE starting this weekend…get the latest & greatest tips on the local rivers or lakes, then get out there!  No better time to fish than the present! See you next week, friends!

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