Good Opportunities in the Missoula Fly Fishing Report
By Kjel

Posted: August 14, 2012

Blackfoot: The Blackfoot continues to fish well. The early and later parts of the day will provide the most success. Grass hoppers, attractors, spruce moths have been the ticket. The caddis hatch in the evening continues to be great once the sun gets off the water.

Bitterroot River:  The Root is still offering some good fishing opportunities. The upper sections have been great for wade fishing with hoppers, attractors,  and PMDs. The mid and lower sections is still fishable but you will be best off fishing it early and late in the day with the warm water temps.

Clark Fork: The morning PMD fishing continues to be great on the Clark Fork as well as the evening Caddis hatch. Fishing is still possible during the mid day but you will need to work for it. Tricos and some midsize hoppers will be your best bet to move fish during the heat of the day,

Rock Creek: The creek continues to offer decent fishing conditions despite the heat. You will need to work for it a bit more but the you have options. Hoppers, attractors, PMD’s, spruce moths will all get the job done depending on the heat and time of day.  A large attractor with a small bead head nymph dropper should produce fish all day long.


Written By: Kjel Olson

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