Hunting GPS’s Map’s Revolutionizes the Hunting Experience
By Kjel

Posted: August 28, 2012

Hunting GPS’s maps continues to take steps forward in the world of hunting and technology. Last week founder Eric Seigfied and his crew took another step forward by revolutionizing their mapping software yet again.  Never before has it been so easy to know and understand property ownership while out in the field. HuntingGPSmaps’s (located in Missoula) is a product every sportsman deserves to own. Thinking back to the amount of money a hunter spends on camouflage, guns, bows, decoys, blinds, and packs now seems silly if they don’t own a Garmin GPS equipped with the ownership mapping software.  If you don’t own the software now is the time. Below is some more information on the software as well as the new video that shows exactly what it means to take the next step forward in the world of hunting and being a true outdoorsman.

What is it?

Ever wonder who owns what land or where exactly you are on your paper map?  You don’t have to wonder anymore thanks to HuntingGPSmap’s statewide land ownership maps for Garmin GPS units. These maps tell you where public and private land property boundaries are, as well as who owns each piece of property!  Simply pick your state, plug the chip into your GPS, and go!

Adding a Hunting GPS maps microSD chip to your GPS will revolutionize how you use your GPS. With the HUNT line of GPS map products you can easily determine your position in relation to public and private property boundaries, find public land boundaries, determine landowner names and ranch boundaries, query which Hunt Area or Section number you are in, and More! These functions and features can easily be understood in the their new videos and tutorials

Just a Few of the Advantages To the Software

  • Find Public Lands
  • Discover New Access
  • Know Private Land Ownership
  • Locate yourself on Paper Maps easily
  • See Game Management Units
  • Access Forest Service Roads and Trails
  • Map your best route with 24K Topo
  • National Forest Wilderness Area Boundaries
  • Geographic Names (cities, creeks, man-made features, etc)
  • Water Data (creeks, rivers, lakes)
  • Old and New National Forest Roads & Trails
  • National Forest Trailheads
  • Campgrounds
  • Boat Ramps and Fishing Access
  • Nature Conservancy
  • BLM – Bureau of Land Management
  • State Land Trusts
  • County Land

Where to get more information and or buy the product?

For more information or to purchase the software and enhance your next hunting experience visit Hunting GPS Software by clicking here.

Or check them out on facebook by clicking here.

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