Bow Hunting Tips For Women
By Kelsey

Posted: August 5, 2012


Get out there  and show off your archery skills! If you have never gone, well it is time. If you are single, talk about a great new way to meet the guys!

Here are some beginners archery tips to get you started on your new hobby or new “man-magnet”. Once you get these down you can start to master even more techniques!

  • Have a consistent anchor point. What is an anchor point? Well whenever you are pulling back the string it needs to always hit the same spot. That spot is your anchor point. In order to have accuracy you always need to pull back to the same anchor point. The most common anchor point is to put your index finger right below your chin, in which the bow string will be barely touching the tip of your nose.With that said, everyone is different and if you find a better anchor spot that you are most comfortable with, well that is even better.
  • Have a relaxed bow handle grip. Most beginners first instinct is to grip the bow hard, which is the opposite of what you should be doing! Gripping hard would result in no accuracy and the arrow ending up on the right or left side of the target.
  • You  need to follow through with your shots. How do you follow through? Well, keep your bow arm up and keep your focus on the target. If you lower you bow too early your shot may end up lower as well, keep that in mind.
  • Stay focused on your target. It is not weird to focus on your target spot for 10-20 seconds while you are aiming and shooting, not to worry.
  • Calm your nerves. You need to relax and even clear your mind before you shoot, kind of like when you are shooting a free throw in basketball. Take a deep breath and slowly release it while you shoot, your accuracy will totally improve with relaxing. Your nerves tend to ruin your aim, and nothing it better than showing off your good aim and hitting the target, so own it, and stay calm.
  • Practice makes perfect. No matter how many tips you read on the internet, if you don’t practice and consistently work on them, you will never improve. You will also never get out there and meet any ‘hotties’ if you are stuck at your computer, just saying.


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