MO Fishing Well With More Moderate Temps: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: August 17, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, & relief from the intense heat is on the way in the HELENA area outdoor report! Don’t let terrestrial season pass you by!

Water temps in the MISSOURI have dropped noticeably this week, a full 5 degrees over one night early in the week & some more since…so that, together with a box including Tricos for the mornings, Ants or Flying Ants in the midmornings, & Caddis Patterns in the last bit of the day equals a darn good day’s take here! Just be aware that when temps drop on the MO, sometimes wind follows…but overall, fishing should be more pleasant than it has been in the recent, lingering heat! Hoppers are bringing in mixed reviews, with some saying sz 16 smallish Hoppers are doing well, while others say that the grouped fish in deepers pools just aren’t dragging themselves to the surface for them…with the cooler weather, Hopper action will pick up considerably! Smart to bring along a Morrish or a Tan Hi Vis Grand Hopper just in case!

Walleye fishing in the large reservoirs is sporadic….the reports of successful angling include jigs tipped w/crawlers or deeply- trolled Perch or FireTiger pattern crankbaits. South end of CANYON FERRY is still hailed as a great choice, but HOLTER by the Dam is preforming well, too. Otherwise, try Leech & Crayfish Patterns, or put a spin on the action with a Brass, Silver/Blue or Gold Panther Martins! Expect some wind with the cooling temps—weather ought to be in the mid 80’s for about a week here, just about ideal!

Don’t be the last on your block to attend Bob Wards Sale this weekend…pick up some savvy sale fishing apparel for the fall season, to keep you comfortable & dry! Check out our Waders & Wade shoes, too….start replenishing your tackle box with fall nymphs & flies…or get in gear for General Archery Season…Deer, Elk, Antelope & Lion opens Sept 1! Meantime, enjoy the cooling trend & get your bad selves on the water! We’ll see you there!

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