The Gallatin is on Fire with Spruce Moths: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: August 10, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons! Our anglers are crowing about the great fishing in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN outdoors!

This is the best time for high mountain LAKE fishing, says the Butte Store! Count the RUBY RESERVOIR, CLARK CANYON & GEORGETOWN among the lakes you need to fish…Buggers, Leeches & Bait Fish Imitations are the go-tos on any of these waters! CLARK CANYON in particular is fishing better than ever, especially to trollers around Lone Tree. Sinking line rigs is the ticket for the south end of the Lake, in the river channel! The BEAVERHEAD below the Dam has been a smokin spot…you’ve got moss in the UPPER BEAVERHEAD, but that’s making the mayfly & scud nymphing all the more glorious! Crane flies have been in use, but will explode here soon. The BIG HOLE has Caddis activity galore…or try a Brass Mepps for some solid spinner action. The RUBY RIVER is another sizzlin‘ place right now…evenings are the best times for your Dries, and the Caddis & Duns are your bugs of choice! Beadhead Prince or Hares Ears in 16-18 have been productive nymphs on the CLARK FORK below Warm Springs Ponds…just remember that the big browns here are catch & release only!

BOZEMAN agrees about Lake fishing! HYALITE, HEBGEN & ENNIS Lake are all HOPPIN‘…the South Inlet on HYALITE is still the prime spot, & ANTS are the terrestrial of choice! Or go with a Flying Ant pattern for a good dry to try! Keep ’em small, in the 16-18 range…HEBGEN’s alive with Gulpers, or try a Damselfly or a Pink PMD…& ENNIS has some great Gulper action going, too! Riverwise, the GALLATIN is on fire with Spruce Moths, at least higher up…or take the advice of one of the Bozeman store anglers and go with tenkara flies! Bear Trap is about the best bet on the LOWER MADISON….the water here is well-oxygenated by faster runs & riffles…use Crayfish & Sculpin patterns here (but avoid the warm flat parts of the river, it’s just still too HOT to pester these fish!)…on the UPPER MADISON, we still say stick to small Chubbies, Goldenstones, & Caddis in the evening for stellar results! If you are gonna NYMPH, cycle thru some of the different Beadheads you got in the box to figure out your hot fly of the day…that’s what the successful anglers have been telling us! The YELLOWSTONE is rife with terrestrials…MORRISH Hoppers in a 14-16 are a good one, or go with an Ant Sharpton or any of your flying Ant varieties! BE AWARE that the FIREHOLE, MADISON & GIBBON Rivers in YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK have been closed to fishing as of Aug 1st, due to high water temps. No surprise there, with all this intense heat!!

Avoid the heat by stopping in either BUTTE or BOZEMAN Bob Wards, & start grabbing what you’ll need for your autumn tackle boxes…or seek out our Archery Depts for the latest & greatest, for the opening of 900 Series Antelope Archery Season on Aug 15th. General Archery for Deer/Elk/Antelope & Lion starts Sept 1, not all that far away! We’ll keep ya hunting or fishing late into the season, you can count on it! See you next week, friends!

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