Co-Ed Hunting Camps?
By angelamontana

Posted: September 25, 2012

Hunting camps have generally been “men-only” gathering places in the past, but with more and more females taking up an interest in hunting, the deer camp dynamic is changing.  Some men refuse to bring women into their sacred male-bonding wall tents and won’t even tell their woman where their camp is located. Although some women are okay with that, a lot of women are not.

Jane D., a seven year female veteran rifle and archery hunter, of Missoula, commented “I am just as competent with my rifle and my bow as my husband is, and although I wear dresses and heels during the week, and during my weekends, the heels come off and the camo goes on.  I am just as passionate about hunting as the guys are.  I think it  makes things fun and interesting by mixing genders, in my opinion.  I just wish I knew more female hunters.”

Maybe hunting camp will, someday, be just as much of a sacred retreat for women as it is men.  Maybe not……

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