Important Hunting Pack Items – It’s the small things that count!
By Kelsey

Posted: September 15, 2012

Important Hunting Pack Items – It’s the small things that count!

Here is a list of items that one should never forget in their pack for a hunting trip. These items are those that once they are needed (which is likely) you will be in discomfort or lessen your chance at an enjoyable and even successful hunt.

It is recommended to have some sort of list always in your pack or in your phone that you can check before you head into the wilderness.


Necessary Items Include:

Toilet Paper (ladies you really want to bring this!)

Eye drops (Especially if you wear contacts because your eyes will definitely get dry out there)

Flashlight (headlamps are what I recommend – hands free!)

Hand Warmers (Guys most likely stay out longer than we are planning so it is always a good thing to prepare for cold – especially if your cold hands affect your trigger reaction speed!)

Whistle (this is for emergencies when you need to call for help with no cell service and you have a better chance at being found)

Chap stick (remember to stay as unscented as possible)

Cow Call (this plays a huge part in the success of the hunt)

Matches/Fire Starter Stick (You have to remember you are in the wilderness and it is likely you may need to camp out because of an injury or you get lost, warmth and fire are extremely important!)

Compass (and know how to use it!)

Hunting Knife (you would be surprised how often this comes in handy!)


First Aid Kid (it is always nice to have what you need in any instance from a cut to something serious to bandage)

Rope (this and a knife – you have many possibilities of survival)


These are all items that should be in your hunting pack at all times, the small things that really count! That could and will save your life and overall enhance your hunting experience.


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