Baetis Hitting on The Madison: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: October 27, 2012

Hello, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons…it’s cold, but the fishin’s mighty good around Bozeman & Butte!

BUTTE thinks you oughtta head to the LAKES…especially CLARK CANYON, where the trolling action with Rapallas or Worm Harnesses has had HUGE success! If not there, then try the RUBY RESERVOIR, using Vertical Jigs fished in the river channel, or Rapallas trolled with a Downrigger in the deeper water, or just cast overr the side of the boat here…that’s been working GREAT, too! Bank fishing has been the catz PJs at both DELMOE & at GEORGETOWN, with gold or silver Spoons, Panther Martin or Mepps Spinners, & your live bait. Get out on these latter 2 lakes & try your Wooly Buggers, Double Bunnies or any of the POWER-uglies for some outstanding success! Stick to Streamers or Nymphs on the rivers as well…the BIG HOLE will take your Red Belly Yuk Bug or a Darker colored Rubberlegs in a 6-8…the BEAVERHEAD will do you proud with a Scud or a Sow Bug in a 10…or whomp ’em on the JEFFERSON with Streamers like a McCunes Sculpin or a Gold Bead Rubberleg Krystal Bugger in the deeps…the JEFF’S water levels are getting back to normal but the other rivers are LOW, so wade on in.

BOZEMAN says you should choose the UPPER MADISON this weekend…consistent reports are flying in, & the weather will be overcast, meaning you can get out the Baetis! Otherwise Streamers have been effective, like a Black Krystal Bugger…hit the GALLATIN in the afternoons, use a Stonefly trailed by a smaller Baetis-type Mayfly, or go with a STREAMER but on a smaller scale, like a sz 8 Micro Zonker…be aware that YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK closes to fishing on NOV 4, so you have a couple weeks left of some marvelous fall fishing there, the Browns are out & the rivers are not too crowded, especially if you go up on a weekday! The FIREHOLE’s had solid Baetis hatches, & likewise the GIBBON below the falls, tho if wading, watch for the spawn beds! The GARDINER RIVER is another exquisite choice this time of year, you can swing your Soft Hackles or strip a few Ugly Chunks like about what you’d use in the YELLOWSTONE…JJ Specials or sz 2-4 White Zonkers will be just right! The LOWER MADDY’s still going strong with Nymphs or Streamers…for DRIES, BWOs & October Caddis have been seen, or rely on Crayfish, Rubberlegs, & maybe the Mustang Sallie for subsurface!

Brrr! Snow’s started to fly, so you’ll need warmer gear for your outdoor adventures….& we’ve got that & more at Bob Wards! Stop by to warm up, suit up, cover your hands & feet, & check out what’s coming out for when the ICE does…I’ll be right here to tell you when & where to drill for best success! Back next week, & best of luck to ya in the fields or on the water!

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