Pheasant Marsala Recipe
By Kelsey

Posted: October 23, 2012

Pheasant Marsala

What You Need

The breasts from two pheasants – skinned and boned – divided into four pieces

One cup dry Marsala wine

One teaspoon and a half corn starch

Quarter teaspoon salt

Quarter teaspoon white pepper

Half teaspoon dried tarragon

One cup milk

Half cup Italian style bread crumbs

Quarter teaspoon garlic powder

Three tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

Olive oil

Eight ounces cooked linguini noodles – cooked al dente ( firm -just limp and tender—not over cooked) and time with the meal so it is hot


What You Do

Combine the number two to six ingredients and blend well and set aside until ready to use. Mix the bread crumbs, garlic and cheese together well. Dip the breasts in the milk and then dredge through the bread crumb mixture and coat well.

Now in a large fry pan add a bit of the olive oil and fry breasts until browned on each side. About three to four minutes per side. Do not over cook the breasts. Remove from heat and to the same pan add the wine mixture and stir until thickened.

Arrange the pasta on individual plates (four), sprinkle lightly with a bit of warm olive oil and add a piece of pheasant on top of the pasta and lastly, spoon a bit of the Marsala sauce on each breast, Serve with a green salad and hot Italian bread.

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