Where ‘da’ tail feathers at? – Montana Pheasant Hunting 2012
By Kelsey

Posted: November 17, 2012

Long time friend Scott Hickey  a Missoula native who now resides in Bozeman (still a Griz) had quite the pheasant victory and we thought it was worth a share.

Here is his story:

This was an early season bird shot down on the lower madison. It was about 1pm and found him by the river. Scotty spooked him and saw nothing but big old birds and one hen. As he approached him from 20 yards ahead he then eventually ran up on him and flushed him.

Once he got up it was a going away left to right shot.  It was a shame I shot the tail feathers off. Thanks to Kjel Olson lending Scott his shotgun it was all possible.

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