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Fall Fishing in Full Effect: Butte and Bozeman Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 24, 2012

Hi, Angie here, & I’ll make this short & sweet….the fishing is STILL ON in the Bozeman & Butte areas, so push yourself back from the table & head out!

BUTTE believes it’ll be a while yet til any freezing is seen on GEORGETOWN or DELMOE, but that doesn’t mean fish aren’t responding to the usual fall methods, nightcrawlers w/mallows, Powerbait or a delectable Streamer of choice…Kamloops Rainbow Hybrids or Brookies have been the catch here! CLARK CANYON has been producing Browns near Lone Tree Bay with some surface trolling at 8-10 ft deep. Want to head for the rivers? The BIG HOLE’s been a little hit or miss, but stripping your favorite streamer will get you what you want….Tan Micro Zonkers are a good choice, or try one in the Olive green range! It’s been a touch too warm on the BEAVERHEAD for Baetis yet, but the upcoming cooling front looks promising, & we may get swarms again before the ice shelves hit the river!

BOZEMAN thinks the GALLATIN’s gone pretty much solely Nymphing, with an Egg Pattern behind a Mega Prince being a great tactic, while on the LOWER MADISON, dead-drifting a Sculpin with an Egg Pattern ‘out front’ has been a wonderful thing! On the UPPER MADISON, Sculpzilla Streamers are CHOICE, or if you’re Nymphing, get those rigs down DEEP! If the days warm up a bit, you may see some Blue Winged Olives, & that’s not a bad thing at all! The YELLOWSTONE is a bit challenging, but if you find some good pools out of the wind, try stripping a Hairy Sculpin or a Rust or Yellow Sex Dungeon for the best success!

When you’ve taken your fill, drop by our Butte or Bozeman store for the big holiday weekend sales we have going on, & get a good start on your Christmas shopping….or pick up something for yourself at these unbeatable prices! We’ll never tell…Bob Wards wishes you the best of holiday weekends & I’ll be back next week to bring you more fishing conditions…til then, happy sporting!

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