By angelamontana

Posted: November 5, 2012

See Montana FWP’s report below on a Great Falls mule deer poaching case:

Two Great Falls men have pleaded guilty to shooting four mule deer last February south of town.

Myles McKay, 22, was convicted of four counts of hunting during a closed season, and four counts of waste of game.

McKay was fined $5,480 for the eight charges and must pay $1,200 restitution. He also lost his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for four years.

Richard Carroll, 25, pleaded guilty to hunting during a closed season, and one count of waste of game. He was fined $335 for the closed season charge and $535 for waste of game. He will also lose his privileges for two years.

The case began Feb. 20 with a Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden patrolling Boston Coulee Road south of Great Falls and finding four dead mule deer: three does and a small buck.

Nothing was taken; the deer were just shot and left.

When the crime was publicized, the Great Falls Police Department notified FWP about a possible connection to a nonrelated criminal investigation.

Additional evidence came through a call to 1-800-TIPMONT, leading to a $500 reward for the caller.

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