Milk River Ranch WMA Decision Notice
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 23, 2012

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks just released an environmental assessment for a land acquisition project along the Milk River. The project involves purchasing 2,992 acres for a Wildlife Management Area located 42 miles northwest of Havre.

FWP’s goals are to conserve riparian habitat along the Milk River, enhance native areas and provide new HUNTING opportunities for the public. The addition will also provide lots of wildlife viewing opportunities. This habitat provides critical winter ranges for big game animals and the Milk River is a migratory corridor for many bird species.

Here are some species that will benefit from protecting and enhancing the existing habitat:

  • mule deer
  • elk
  • white-tailed deer
  • antelope
  • pheasants
  • sharp-tailed grouse
  • waterfowl
  • native nongame species of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals

FWP received comments were received from 61 individuals, organizations or agencies. 33 comments supported the proposal, 27 were opposed and one comment was neither for nor against the proposal.


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