Unique Taxidermy on Display at Buffalo Bill Historical Center
By angelamontana

Posted: November 12, 2012

Taxidermy enthusiasts should visit the Buffalo Bill Historical center in Cody, Wyoming to see their newest mount on display.

According to a release at prweb.com, Nature’s Design Taxidermy in Cody, who also has work displayed at the Draper Museum, did the taxidermy work on the lion.

What makes this mount so unique is that the elk was created from wood by sculptors Ray Hatfield, Dwayne Johnson and Duane Mittlieder.

“The sculpture depicts a taxidermy mountain lion whose yellow-green eyes are fixed expectantly upon the head of a bull elk, carved from a single block of wood with independent wooden antlers. The elk head is balanced at the apex of a weathered chunk of wood around which the mountain lion has wrapped its paws. Bringing a splash of yellow to the otherwise earth-colored forms, a western swallowtail butterfly perches near the elk’s right eye.” 

For more information about the mount, e-mail Dr. Charles Preston, Senior Curator of the Draper Museum of Natural History or call 307.578.4078.

If you are into taxidermy, you don’t want to miss checking out this creative piece of work.  The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is open daily from 10am-5pm.

Click HERE for the prweb.com article.



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