Combat Veterans Are Given “Hunting Therapy” by The Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families
By angelamontana

Posted: December 10, 2012

Military service members sacrifice their lives for our freedom, and a non-profit organization, called The Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families (SFMF), was formed as a therapeutic way to say ‘thank you’.  This organization gives combat veterans, and immediate family members of veterans killed in combat, an opportunity to go on a professionally guided hunt.

According to the SFMF website, their hunts “have proven to be extrememly therapeutic to those in need.”  The site also states that they do not limit participation to “those who have been wounded in battle or are suffering, any combat veteran may apply.”

Not only are the guides “experienced in the handling of disabled hunters”, but they will also provide a hunting rifle if needed.  If a combat veteran is deemed eligible, the SFMF website states “hunting activities include all hunting fees, food, lodging, and taxidermy for one animal.”

If you know a combat veteran who could benefit from a program like this, you can get more information from their website at


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