Consistent Fishing On The Missouri River: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: December 1, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons in HELENA, & even if it’s COLD, the fishing’s cracklin’ hot over here!

You know the MISSOURI RIVER—consistent as ever, & pretty LIVELY these days with the winter stuff you got in the box…you’ll find Midges when the weather’s cold, sassy & cloudy, & when the sun’s out, take out your Streamers…a Black Home Invader or a Tan Fathead are solid choices right at the moment! Nymphing smaller patterns is always a satisfactory choice on the MO…PMD Emergers like the Bat Wing or the Hogans Slow Guy, in sz 18, just can’t do you wrong! Craig is still pretty darn hot, and the crowds are down, if you’re on the scout for great places to be…

Get in the deeps with your jigs (around 30 ft) for some Walleye sport, or try for Trout at about the same depths, maybe a little closer to the top (say, a good 20-25 ft) on CANYON FERRY…if you can get down further, you will undoubtedly run into some Perch as well, & who can say NO to Perch? East side of CANYON FERRY, HOLTER around the Dam, or even shorelines at HAUSER with your Powerbait or Worms…these are the successful places right now. Drawbacks to the HELENA area lakes is that they do tend to pick up some bitter winds, so dress accordingly, & find some protection from all that blasting air!

If Christmas shopping is on your Honey-Do list, wouldn’t you prefer to head into the Helena Bob Wards where you can make a little Request List of your own for Santa? Who wouldn’t want new waders or wade shoes, warm new-tech water-resistant clothing or how about an ice hut or new ice rod for the weather to come? Let US be your Santa, baby! I’m back with more next week, my friends!

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