Decision Time: Four Wheels or Skis?
By angelamontana

Posted: December 18, 2012

It’s decision time, and activities described in my previous post (click HERE) has made this a difficult decision

I ride my dirt bike in the summer, I ride a four wheeler in the Fall, during bow season, and I now snowmobile in the winter.  I have recently taken a liking to the side-by-side utility vehicles, too.  The only problem is that out of all of these toys, I only own a dirt bike.

Here is my issue–I have decided it is time to expand my toy collection, and, after a fun snowmobile ride in the Bitterroot valley this past Sunday (click HERE), I am thinking I should get a snowmobile.  It makes perfect sense to me, as borrowing people’s stuff gets old after a while (for them and me), and I could pick out one that suits my needs.  Plus, I will be purchasing my new toy at the end of this upcoming Spring 2013.  Simple, right?

Wrong–because, then I think about how much a four wheeler could benefit my life–especially during bow season.  Plus, with chains on the tires, I could take the four-wheeler out to quite a few places in the snow, too.  Additionally, there are tons of accessories to add to four wheelers, if I wanted to go that route.  I know that I could use the four wheeler more than just in the winter, too, but it still isn’t a snowmobile.

So, then I think that if I am going to spend over $4000 on a four wheeler, why not spend a couple extra grand and get a side by side?  It is the perfect scouting rig, and could pretty much go wherever a four-wheeler could.  Plus, it boasts luxuries that four-wheelers do not, but, do I want to go that big, money-wise?

Then I wonder if maybe I should spend no more than $1500 each for a four-wheeler and a snowmobile and just go old school.  But, then, I have the reliability issue and whatever else comes with buying older things.

So, here I am, trying to decide which toy I am going to buy in approximately 5-6 months.  Just a note that storage and a vehicle and trailer to haul any of them are taken care of already.  I’m just on the fence with all three.  What would you choose, and why?


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