Dylan Tipps – Long-Time Hunter and Angler at Age 14
By angelamontana

Posted: December 4, 2012

Dylan Tipps, a 14 year-old from Stevensville, Montana, loves to hunt and fish.  He has been accompanying his dad on hunting and fishing excursions since he was just four years-old.

Dylan loves big game hunting, duck hunting, turkey hunting and fishing.  One of his many prize catches was a pike (see picture to the left) from the Bitterroot River near Florence that was 37 inches and 17 pounds.  Another monster-of-a-catch he got was the bass shown below.  Awesome job, Dylan!

Being so into hunting and fishing, Dylan spends every second he can doing just that.   If he isn’t hunting or fishing, he is most likely thinking about it.  The first deer he got was an awesome non-typical mule deer (pictured above on the left) and this past year, he got a really nice whitetail (pictured above on the right).

We love to see the younger generations exposed to hunting and fishing early on, and we wish Dylan the best of success in his next outdoor adventure!  Congratulations!

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