Gunsmith Prints and Shoots Gun Made with 3D Printer
By angelamontana

Posted: December 12, 2012

If you haven’t heard of a 3D printer, then you are in for a real treat.  These machines almost seem like something out of a science fiction movie.

Watch the video at the bottom of this page if you aren’t familiar with 3D printers, and then continue reading the second paragraph.  If you already know all about these incredible machines, keep reading.

So, now that you’re here, you should have an idea of what these printers can do.  Insane, right?  This is amazing.  It is one thing to print something on paper, but to print an object?  A three-dimensional object?  That isn’t even fathomable!  But, it happens!

According to, a gunsmith used a 3D printer to print a .22 pistol (shown above), and he even tested it.  The gunsmith believes he may have been the first person to ever do this.  The article states that  “He used a Stratasys 3D printer from the mid-90s to create a .22 pistol. He claims to have fired over 200 rounds from the 3D printed marvel and it still works fine.”

Now, I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but I’m wondering if he stopped there.  Well, the answer to that is no!  He went on to attach an actual .223 upper to his 3D-printed lower and tested it.  The article states it was a success, although “he ran into some feed and extraction issues with the upper” during this part. (see picture below)

Still…my mind is blown!  I know the concept seems easy enough to grasp, but this is a machine that was made close to two decades ago!  The possibilities are endless.

This is definitely NOT the kind of thing you should try at home, and keep in mind the man who printed and fired this is an experienced gunsmith.  It is still quite impressive that a person can print a gun and shoot it.  My mind is still blown!


Click HERE for the original WebPro News article.

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