Bob Ward & Sons Butte/Bozeman Recreation Report – 1-17-13
By angelamontana

Posted: January 18, 2013

Hi, this is Angie reporting on the great fishing to be had in BUTTE & BOZEMAN these cooooold days:

Butte tells us the ice fishing has been very good this past week at CLARK CANYON DAM…Size 8 GloBrite or Pink & White Ratfinkie jigs tipped with maggots are perfect!  If you bait the Ratfinkie with a 1” mini-smelt, that has attracted the bigger fish.  The Electric Chicken Mili-Smelt was working best this past week.  DELMOE has been a top choice, too.  Early in the day seems to get BEST results.  Pink & White, or Red Nuclear Ants have been a GREAT jig, as well as your Glo Hook/Maggot setup.  Try using shrimps for bait to catch Kokanee salmon at GEORGETOWN LAKE—the Rainbows & Brookies are biting on a combo of jigs & bait hooks.  Swedish Pimples, Rapallas & Buckshot Rattlespoons have had their good effect, too.

Discovery Ski Basin got 14” of new snow this week, with Powder & Packed Powder conditions.  The temps are due to be mild & comfortable for skiing, so head on up!

Bozeman declares the UPPER MADISON to be fishing decently, just stick to slower waters & do a little hopping from spot to spot…on the LOWER MADDY, just like the UPPER, stick to slow flowing areas & use nymphs like Sculpins or Worms, or slowly strip a few Streamers of choice.  The YELLOWSTONE seems to be ok, if you can find a sunnier day and some Midges here & there…the fish are rising for them!  On the GALLATIN, this has been where  the ‘action is’!  A consistent producer, stick to slower, deeper waters & try nymphs with droppers, eggs or worm patterns.

On HYALITE, fish at about 20′ with Mealworms, or Pink & Chartreuse-colored teardrop jigs…OR try Pearl-colored Swedish Pimples for a change-up!

BRIDGER BOWL has a base depth of 35”, but is hard-packed right now…BIG SKY has 43” & a bit warmer temps, so the ride is not as rough…MOONLIGHT is sitting on 43” & we hear a lot of folks are enjoying the skiing up there at present.  You can’t miss on the hills in the Bozeman area!

You shouldn’t miss our Midwinter Sale, either, so come on in, warm up & do some serious shopping!  Meantime, we’ll warm you up to more fishing, next week! Talk to you then.

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