Southwestern Snow Report – Montana Ski Report
By Kelsey

Posted: January 19, 2013

Some may say that even wth no snow for that last 1o days that snow may not be at it’s best, though with the warmer weather in the air the snow you could say have been as soft and smooth as spring skiing usually ever is.

I personally skiied the tram at Big Sky Resort today and was suprisingly happy about the smooth and fun times I had , followed by the snow bar where 21 and over all danced as if there was no tomorrow.

The rocks were peaking in the trees over Big Sky and Moonlight, yet, it was the clear open and smooth riding from tram all the way down to Shedhorn, Dakota and even Challenger had great soft snow that made is worth the while to not stop and eat those snacks and drink those beers that enabled you to continue with the day and enjoy the time of the season with your friends where there are pockets of sunshine and pockets of wind yet, majority of the day, you are ripping down the mountain and ending with beer in hand and hangin with your closest friends and neighbors.

I would have to say skiing in January 2013 in Big Sky has been what those are tempted to recieve, a good time, good snow and hell, a goggle tan!

Happy Skiing!

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