A Full Week of Cold Smoke at Bridger Bowl – Montana Snow Report
By Kelsey

Posted: February 3, 2013

Talk this week in the Montana snow report was all about Bridger Bowl and the cold smoke skiing conditions all last week.

Bridger Bowl was spoiled by mother nature last week having gotten a total of 52 inches from last weeks storm cycle. The storm surprised riders on Tuesday morning only having predicted 3 inches and waking up to 25 inches of fresh powder! Though it did not stop there, Wednesday brought another 10 inches, Thursday topped that off with 8 more inches and yes folks, the snow kept on falling. The continuous dumping through Friday added another 9 inches bringing the total of 52 inches in 4 days!

After a couple weeks of dry and not much snow, the mountain was looking a bit bare and really needed to get some snow. Thanks to the snow gods it was a week of pure bliss and locals going wild skiing as much as they possibly could in these ‘Cold Smoke’ conditions. What does cold smoke mean? Well it is defined as ‘the airy trail of powder that follows skiiers in fresh powder’. Cold Smoke sound familiar? Well, Kettlehouse Brewery based out of Missoula, MT has named one of their most famous beers after this craved ski condition. I would imagine Cold Smoke was quenching the thirst of riding in that DEEP powder all day and all week long.

Watch a great video made that gives you the best perspective of what that kind of Cold Smoke conditions looks like,  starring Axel Peterson of the Bridger Brigade and the man behind Bomb Snow TV choke on the goods as he shreds B-Bowl with a vengeance.

[vimeo id=”58517118″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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