Local Trapper Harvests Wolf Outside of Missoula
By angelamontana

Posted: February 18, 2013

wolfThis past weekend was a good weekend for one local Frenchtown, Montana wolf trapper.  The pictured wolf was taken up the 9 Mile area, just outside of Alberton, on Friday, February 15th.  This was a great way to start weekend for this trapper.  He was even right back at it this weekend laying traps, doing his part to try to help manage the canine predators.

Montana wolf trappers, that have completed the wolf trapping certification class, can legally trap up to three wolves, and, additionally, with the new Montana state wolf management laws in effect, hunters can buy a total of three wolf tags.  This brings the total of potential wolf harvests for a trapping wolf hunter to six.

For more information on the latest Montana wolf management laws, click HERE, and for more information on the Montana wolf harvest numbers, click HERE.


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