“Brookie Burgers” with Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 11, 2013

I love to eat fish! We all have our favorite recipes for whatever species we enjoy. Trout are a healthy and great fish to eat.

Try making some fish into a “Burger”! I saw this idea on a cooking show and started to play around with this idea. I called mine “Brookie Burgers”. I used fresh caught Brook trout from Hyalite Lake. If you want to rename it, go for it. As a camp cook, we always need to more creative about what we serve. This recipe is certainly now a part of my Fish Camp menu.

Montana fish tend to have higher levels of toxins. Gold mining waste and Yellowstone’s Geo-thermal features have left lead, mercury and other goodies in the food web. The state publishes a Consumption Brochure that identifies species and locations of higher levels of toxins. Fish that tend to live longer also have higher levels of pollutants in their meat.

So anyway, my point is to clean and filet with this in mind. Remove skin, belly fat and fins. Soak the filets in the solution I have written about before. Search, “Sweetening Fish Filets”, on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show website. The results for all fish recipes will be amazingly healthy and more flavorful after you use this soak recipe.


Cut the skinned filets of 5 pan sized trout into small pieces, pea sized, and place in a small mixing bowl.

Add finely chopped onion, and a tbsp. of lemon juice.

I spice with Old Bay seasoning to taste. This seasoning contains salt and pepper but you can always add more.

Add a cup of Panko crumbs, 2 eggs and mix all ingredients together gently. The eggs and Panko hold the fish together.

Form and press into burgers using a burger mould / ring. In a pinch use an inch wide piece of cardboard that you tape into a circle. I have also cut plastic tubs from used up sour cream containers into moulds. The burger should match the size of the bun you are using. Press more Panko onto the top and bottom of the burger

Fry the Fish Burger in butter or your favorite oil until done. I like a little crunchy char on the outside.

Place the burger onto a toasted bun. I added a mayo mixed with some Old Bay on the bottom bun. Put a fresh spoon full of cole slaw on the top.

Now you can certainly mix and match all the spices to your own tastes. Tartar sauce or the abundant flavored Mayo’s are also available. The crunch from the Panko makes for a firm and tasty Burger. Enjoy naming your own special and healthy Fish Burger.

What I like about this burger is that it is perfect for a tailgate feast. Few dishes are needed. This meal is quick and simple with very little mess and a lot of fresh flavor. Everyone can customize their burger to their taste.

I have fished around the world and caught a pile of memories with some special friends. Our best memories often end up with food and fun. The fishing was just the excuse to get out and together for more adventures.

Tight lines,

Montana Grant

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