Day One at The Great Rockies Sports Show
By OutdoorAly

Posted: March 23, 2013

People came, they saw, they liked! The parking lot was packed and it was a full house at the Adams Center in Missoula Saturday. First day of The Great Rockies Sports Show was a success!



But the fun isn’t over… vendors, seminars, and of course the Montana Outdoor Radio Show booth, will all back for more fun on Sunday.



So for all of you outdoor enthusiasts that saw all the latest greatest gadgets, trips, and information on the market Saturday, well good luck sleeping tonight! We just know you will be tossing and turning dreaming of all the greatness The Great Rockies Sports Show offers. Since you’ll likely be itching for more, we have great news. If you paid for an entrance fee on Saturday, your hand stamp is good for Sunday too! Doors open at 10 am, see you there!

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