“March Fishing on Flathead Lake” by Captain Bob of Mo Fisch Charters
By angelamontana

Posted: March 13, 2013

Where to fish:

March is an excellent time to be fishing Flathead Lake. The catch rates are high and trophy size fish are abundant. Usual days are putting upwards of 20 fish in the boat. The fish this time of year seem to move around so keep searching and when you find the bait you will find the Lakers. Try starting off of Angel Point and move south to the south end of Cedar Island. Pick a depth, say 160’- 200’ and fish it for an hour or two, if you don’t find fish move down the lake a ½ mile and try again. When you find fish stay in that area, don’t leave fish to find fish. Also Wood’s Bay is fishing real well right now. Try fishing 120′-140′ depth, north and south in front of the point. Also inside the bay in front of the Sitting Duck Inn is a great area this time of year.

What to use:

Try the usual flatfish on the bottom. Flatfish from Yakima Bait in the T-50, T-55, and T-60 all work well. Try in the glow/white, red/white, silver/blue and the frog pattern.

Also the Mag Lip is a good choice for both the trophy size Lakers as well as the abundant 3-5 lb. eater size.

The #0 Dodger from Gold Star in #790, 792 works very well with a #35 Octopus (4-1/2”) squid tied on 23” behind. Try the squid in # 3012, 8008, and 3140. Also the F-2 Flasher from Silver Horde in #013 is an excellent choice with a white bucktail fly tied 20″-24″ behind the flasher.


“No bad days”

Capt. Bob,

Mo Fisch Charters


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