Montana Fly Fishing Report by Scott Anderson of Montana Fishing Company – 3.25.13
By angelamontana

Posted: March 25, 2013

The Bitterroot River will be the place to be this week.  Missoula will see temperatures on average of 50 degrees for the entire week.  This will get the anglers out and about.   Be prepared for crowds, but also be prepared to catch that fish of a life time on a dry fly in March!  Flows on the Bitterroot River  are ranging from 225 cfs to 350 cfs.  This will change as warmer temps present themselves this week.  Remember to be prepared for any kind of weather.  The Bitterroot River weather will change in a heartbeat.   Over the years I have seen blue skies, 70 degrees one second to 60 knot winds and sideways snow the next!

Remember that slews are a good place to take fish if you are wrong step and the fish are gone!   Don’t trespass because the land owners will report you to the authorities.  We have worked very hard for stream access over the years and we have to respect the ones who own land on the river bank!


Along with the Skwala Stone fly you will see the Blue Wing Olive (BWO).  Cripples are a great pattern for this fly.  Remember that fly selection is huge on the Bitterroot River.

The lower Clark Fork is also a great option this time of the year.  You will not see many boats out on this part of the Clark Fork River.   Montana Fishing Company can put you on the fish with a guided trip.  We have lowered our rates to $325.00 per day for the spring.


Montana Fishing Company will also be offering Pike on the Fly trips in a few weeks on Noxon Reservoir!  I have seen 28 lbs pike come out of this lake.  I have herd of 39 lbs pike being caught on Noxon.  Pike are found in sluggish back water and weedy areas in lakes.  That is what makes Noxon a great place for Pike on the Fly!  Pike are known to be ambush predators!  This means that you can punch your fly out in a big flat bay and strip it in and see a pike explode on it.   It is not uncommon to see a pike hooked up on your fly line and have a larger pike attack that fish!


Contact Montana Fishing Company for more information on fly fishing in Montana. or call Scott Anderson 406-210-0971.  Montana outfitter lic # 12494!

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