Move Over Annie Oakley – Meet 13 Year Old Shooting Star Katelyn Francis
By Kamp Cook

Posted: March 2, 2013

If the zombie apocalypse ever occurs, I’m calling Katelyn Francis. This 13 year old shooting sensation is a talented young lady in competitive multi gun sports.

According to

Shooting is in the young lady’s DNA. Her father, Sgt. First Class Chad Francis, happens to be the state marksmanship coordinator for the Missouri Army National Guard. Dad Chad has been teaching his daughter about guns and gun safety since she was five years old. Katie told the NRA, “Dad taught there’s 10 gun safety rules. He made me say them over and over again. My dad’s a real stickler about making me always be safe.”

When she was 9-yrs-old, Katie started pestering her dad to take her hunting and shooting. Her mom was not exactly supportive of this request, but eventually relented and dad gave the young girl a .22. The next year, when she turned 10, Katie graduated to a 9mm pistol.

See Katelyn’s amazing performance in a multi-gun match.

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