Sportsmen and Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Benefit with Montana Cadastral Website
By angelamontana

Posted: March 6, 2013

Have you ever been out on or planned a hunting trip, and there is a certain area of land that you would love to hunt, but you aren’t sure if it is private or public land?  Even if you are just out hiking or snowshoeing, and you have to cross certain areas that you are pretty sure are private land?  How about land that you have known to be private for years and years, and you don’t even realize it is now public land?

The Montana Cadastral website,, allows you to zoom in on specific areas of land on a map of Montana, and it gives landowner information (if you wanted to contact them to ask permission to hunt), including whether the land is owned by state or government.  There are three different types of views:  street, aerial and topographical.

This is a great tool for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike!  Check it out.

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