Be A Star Camp Cook With Backcountry Course
By OutdoorAly

Posted: April 11, 2013

Want to be the star camp cook next hunting season? When hunger strikes, we all know the most popular person in camp is the cook. Now is your chance to master backcountry cooking techniques at Royal Tine’s Camp Cook class.

Cook with Dutch ovens over wood heat and charcoal, incorporate sourdough recipes into menues or dig an earthen pit to bury a turkey — these are only samples of the cooking school specialties.




Royal Tine Camp Cook School, operated in conjunction with Royal Tine’s Guide and Packer School in the backcountry wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.The school is located at 5800 ft elevation in the mountains of Montana about 17 miles from Philipsburg. You will be staying in a wall tent camp during your class instruction, and living just as you would as a cook in a back-country camp.

You can choose from a two-week course that encompasses all the basics of camp cooking to job referrals, or a shorter four-day dutch oven course. The two-week course is geared towards preparing students to work for a backcountry outfitting operation. Instruction will take place in an 18’x24′ kitchen tent.The cooking school teaches different cooking and baking techniques and skills plus the logistical side of operating a hunting camp or a summer pack trip camp (menu planning and grocery purchasing, etc.). If you are looking for a cook education vacation, the 4 day dutch oven class would be a better fit.



The classes start at the end of April and fill up fast. All photos and class information were taken from where you find more information and sign up for this course, or you can call 1-406-859-5138.

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