Flathead Lake Fishing Report by Capt. Bob of Mo Fisch Charters
By angelamontana

Posted: April 8, 2013

Flathead Lake

Lake trout fishing on Flathead Lake remains to be steady.

The fish have moved north to the delta area just south of the river mouth. This time of year when the runoff starts the fish move to the more oxygenated water and the colder temperature, also the minnows that get flushed down the river this time of year. The influx of greater water volume also creates a stronger food chain reaction, thus congregating more fish in a smaller area of the lake.

Anywhere around the drop off of the shallow delta area, all the way south down the center bar usually on the east side along the drop off.

Start looking for fish anywhere from 80ft. of water out to 300 feet of water. When you find the magic depth for that day concentrate on that contour and you should have a very productive day.

What to use:
Try trolling the stingfish from Pro-Troll. Size 15-51/2” long #385 chrome blue and #351 Rainbow trout have been working good. Remember troll these stingfish very slow, 1 mph, right on the bottom.

Try the electronic Prochip 8 series from Pro-Troll in #102 glow white, #145 super glow green, #146 super glow chart.
Tie on your favorite bucktail fly or houchies about 23 inches behind the dodger.

Also this time of the season try some spoons. Perch pattern as well as the red and hammered brass will pick up fish.

When fishing deep with the downriggers, I will put out a surface spoon or plug behind the boat 200’. This is what I call a bonus rod, it will surprise you, how many and how big these fish are up in the water column.

Tight Lines
Capt. Bob
Mo Fisch Charters
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“The two best times to fish is when it’s rainin’ and when it ain’t”

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