Montana Fly Fishing Report by Scott Anderson of Montana Fishing Company – 4.10.13
By angelamontana

Posted: April 10, 2013

The spring runoff has sprung.   We are seeing rivers double in CFS (cubic feet per second) with in a week.  This is a time that makes or breaks a fly fisherman. You can go all day and not get a bite due to river conditions.  You can also have a hard time finding where the fish congregate.  

Fish like to hang out on the banks during this time.  While some anglers prefer wading during fly fishing, this is not advised during runoff.  The river can be very swift and will take the gravel out from under your feet.  Floating the river from a raft or drift boat is the best way to fly fish this time of year in Montana.  I like a raft because it handles the water flow better.


photo courtesy of Montana Fishing Company

If you do not have very much time on the river you need to get a  They can handle the white water and read the river.  You do not get second chances during runoff in Montana.   The guide will be able to get you into position so you can cast at the bank and have a greater chance of catching that fish of a life time!  You should try a few different flies during this time.  Streamers such as woolly buggers, sclupins, and crawdad pattern work very well.  You can also through a dry fly with a dropper such as a san juan worm, or patt’s rubber leg.   Your dry fly has to be big enough to float whatever dropper you have.  You dropper should be about 18 to 24 inches below the dry fly.  You could also try a nymph rig.  No matter what path you take you should be ready for a big trout to eat your fly!


Photo courtesy of Montana Fishing Company

All rivers in Montana are fishing well during spring.  Be sure to check the water flows before you get out on the water.  Spring runoff presents very dangerous conditions.  If you are traveling to Montana and would like to book a trip with Montana Fishing Company please give us a call 406-210-0971.  Or visit our web site:


Photo courtesy of Montana Fishing Company

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