Semi-Auto Trap Shotguns
By OutdoorAly

Posted: April 14, 2013


Continuing with our look at shotguns used for the trap shooting game, here are some examples of semi-auto shotguns that are built for the clay target sports and a few that are specifically designed for trap shooters.


Over the years, quite probably the most popular semi-auto trap gun is the venerable Remington 1100 Trap. Long ago the 1100 set the standard for gas operated trap guns. The guns had 30 inch barrels, a Monte Carlo raised comb, twin sighting beads, and were heavier that the standard 1100. One can buy the latest edition of the 1100 Trap for about $1000.00. These guns set the standard for trap semi-auto shotguns and today the guns from other manufacturers follow the 1100 template.


The great Italian firm, Beretta, manufactures many of the semi-autos that one will find at trapshoots around the world. One of the most interesting guns is the UGB25 Xcel Trap. This is a break action semi-auto that loads the second round for doubles from a side mount and is a bottom ejecting gun, somewhat like the Browning BPS. All in all, a very interesting gun with the one of the highest suggested retail prices of any semi-auto, $4125.00. One will find the more popular model 391 and the new A 400 Xcel at about $1900.00.

remtrapThere are two fairly new entrants in the semi-auto trap gun field. The first is the Fabarm XLR5 Velocity. This gun has several unique features including the Caesar Guerini barrel system, an adjustable comb, and most importantly, an adjustable rib. The gun also is available in a left-handed version for southpaws. Suggested retail price is $2150.00-$3150.00. One of the most interesting new guns is the Butler XX12. The Butler magazine is on top of the barrel and ejects empty cartridges directly out the bottom. In essence, this is a semi-auto unsingle. The gun was designed by Larry Butler of Whitefish, MT. Production is in full swing and guns are now available. The Butler has a suggested retail of $8100.00 and is the most expensive semi-auto trap shotgun that I know of. It has a huge cool factor and is a dream to shoot.


Of course one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on a semi-auto to enjoy the trap shooting game. Browning, Benelli, Winchester, Franchi, and other semi-autos, both field and competition guns, are used every weekend in trapshoots in Montana and elsewhere. Get out your gun, go to the range and have some trap shootin’ fun.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore

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