YOU Can Win A Pelican Elite Cooler by Listening to the Montana Outdoor Radio Show!
By angelamontana

Posted: April 19, 2013

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LISTEN TO THE MONTANA OUTDOOR RADIO SHOW this Saturday from 6am till 8am, as we will take two qualifiers on the phone–one per hour–to be entered in the drawing to win a Pelican Elite Cooler (each qualifier will receive a pelican flashlight). The drawing for the cooler will take place on the opening of fishing in Montana on May 18th.

It is an outdoor/offshore tough, guaranteed-for-life 35-Quart Pelican Elite Cooler, provided by Joe Moline at Affirmed Medical Services in Lewistown (for more information, reach Joe at 1-800-662-9087).

Pelican coolers come with easy-lift, unbreakable dual handles and rugged, smooth press and pull latches. Check the complete lineup of Pelican Elite Coolers on (see photos below)






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