Bear Hunting Tips by Joe Kondelis of Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association – 5.18.13
By angelamontana

Posted: May 18, 2013
(photo courtesy of Brad Roper)

Attention Montana Bear Hunters:

This is Joe from the Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters Association with your weekly bear hunting tip.

Utilization of a predator call can be a very effective way to hunt mid/late spring black bears. As spring progresses so does a bears appetite. In mid to late may bears, especially boars are covering a lot of ground looking for food other than grass and clover. Find an area with good sign and bear habitats. The ideal situation for calling is to spot a bear and then begin calling. Be patient and continue calling the entire sit. Bears have a short attention span, so if one is headed your way DON’T STOP CALLING.

Stay tuned next week for another calling tip!

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