Hundreds of Pounds of WW2 Explosives Found in Lake Como
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 11, 2013

Hundreds of pounds of left over explosives from World War Two have been found near George Clooney’s villa in Lake Como. Relax all Ravalli County residents, George Clooney doesn’t own a villa on the Bitterroot Valley lake. World+War+II+Explosives+Found+Near+George+cqjOSbSKrmGl

In 2010 a fisherman hooked into a World War Two era explosive device, just 50 feet from George Clooney’s villa in Italy. The device ended up being a small part of a 500 pound cache of WW2 weapons, including grenades, mortars and aircraft bombs. The weapons sat at the bottom of the lake for over 60 years.

The Italian Navy was called to remove the weapons and the area was sealed off to swimming, fishing and sailing. The Navy also asked that all residents remain in their homes and away from windows during the recovery operation.


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