New SCUBA Dive Shop Opening This Weekend In Kalispell
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 26, 2013

A new dive shop opened this weekend in Kalispell. Rock Bottom Sports & Recreation Dive shop located at 203 Business Center Loop in Kalispell, Montana is the new place to get your oxygen tanks, BCD’s, and all the info you need for a dive in the local Flathead or Whitefish Lakes.The nearest body of water, Flathead Lake, is a great place to check out some crystal clear waters and search for the legendary Flathead lake monster.

I know scuba diving in Montana is a fair weather sport, but us die-hard divers love to see what is beneath the surface all you anglers aim to bring to the top. Montana may not be on the top ten list of places to blow bubbles under water, but it is an interesting place to check out what fish are up to when they are not being hooked and reeled in. If you have ever had an interest in seeing Montana aquatic life below the surface, look into an intro dive with these guys!

Check out more information on SCUBA diving in the area here.

Here is their Facebook post on plans to open this weekend. Stop by  if you are in the neighborhood.

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